Midwest Storm Spotters League

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About Us

What is the Midwest Storm Spotters League? And what exactly do they do?


Kevin Schroeder

Wayne Warren

Margaret Warren

Jenni Heuer

Kate Allen

Holly Swangstu

Jill Swangstu

Forrest Talley

Kristi Huberd

Zoe Greer-Osterhaus

Laura McKee Paine

Donnie Barlow

Brandon Cratsenberg

Kyle Evan Van Hoogen

Rebecca Hellen

Dawn Bundy

Ryan Rockenbach
Michael Scott Dahl
Kevin Lancour

Ron Culliton
Joshua David Carbon

Kyle Lundmark

Cody Barnes

Midwest Storm Spotters League is a  group of storm spotters and chasers who not only love storms and severe weather, but also take the time to track and report it as well.

Started just three years ago, I took over this team from a fellow storm spotter who wanted to shut it down. He's a weather enthusiast like me but I don't think he could make it work, or just didn't have the enthusiasm to keep it going. Well when I found out he was going to shut it down, I asked him "Hey, do you mind if I take this over?" Well he didn't mind that at all and so here we are today. We are new to this and I hope that with a little perseverance that we can make this into one of the best storm reporting organizations out there.

What do we do? Well that's simple. We take the time to track, trace, and report storms as they happen so that everyone out there has the latest, most up to date, and valuable information that they can get. Doing it this way helps to make sure that citizens have the time to get to safety should those kinds of measures have to be used. And while we don't want those kinds of situations to happen, we all know that mother nature can be unpredictable at best. Which is why we're always at the ready to make sure that you, our friends, neighbors, and family, know what to do when mother nature strikes.

So it doesn't matter if you're an amateur/beginner, a novice, or an expert forecaster, chaser, or spotter. We welcome anyone who loves severe weather to come in and join us. We're a free, not for profit group whose only job is to help report and respond when we're needed most. So if you feel that this is the place for you, come on in and join us. You're more than welcome to be a part of us at the Midwest Severe Storm Spotters League.

"When time matters most, we're there to not only report when severe weather occurs, but to also help those in need after mother nature strikes."

Meet Our Staff!!

Owners/President - Josh and Jill Swangstu

Spokesperson/Consultant- Kevin Schroeder

Team Supporters - Kristi Huberd & Jill Swangstu

           Safety/Security Officer - Jenni Heuer

Safety/Security Officer - Kyle Evan Van Hoogen

Team Forecasters - Dawn Bundy

                                   Forrest Talley